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Throughout history there have been pivotal events that have shaped the Church. The Reformation restored "Salvation by Faith Alone". The First and Second Great Awakenings gave birth to numerous revivals and missions movements around the world that  literally brought millions into the Kingdom. The Pentecostal Movement recovered the gifts of the Spirit for the Body of Christ. This next move of God is set to reform the way we see the Ecclesia that Jesus gave birth to. An Apostolic Reformation has begun.

This conference is a strategic gathering of an Apostolic Company of people.  Our speakers are those who understand that God is in process of restructuring our wineskin in order to lay the foundations we need for future victory.  They understand that new wineskin thinking involves form with flexibility... it is form with freedom that serves the function of the Ecclesia - An Apostolic Mandate that focuses on kingdom equipping and exploits within regions and territories.   

We believe that this conference will have a significant impact in our region.  It's a gathering that you won't want to miss!  See you there!

Much Love & Blessings,

Fred & Michelle Pexa


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